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Welcome to MySmileWithStyle.com

If you have ever looked in the mirror and been unhappy with your smile, prosthodontics and/or cosmetic dentistry may be able to help.

Throughout our lives there are various things that can happen that might affect our smile. Car accidents, sporting activities, boating, tobacco products, and other events can cause damaged, stained, or crooked teeth. This can lessen your smile affecting confidence in personal and professional activities.

Revitalizing and restoring smiles, via cosmetic dentistry and other procedures, is what Dr. Ronald Sambursky has specialized in since 1992. Whether its tooth whitening, porcelain veneers, dentures, full mouth reconstruction or other cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Ronald Sambursky can help bring back the confidence in your smile.

  • Dental Implants: We have helped thousands of patients regain dental function and quality of life with dental implants.

  • Hybridge: Our proprietary technology provides a quick, cost-effective and permanent solution for advanced dental problems. This technology prevents the need for complete dentures.

  • Prosthodontics: We offer a full range of dental care for services, for a wide range of problems.

  • Dentures: We are the leader in addressing the special dental care needs of seniors and offer serveral options for dentures.

Learn more about our team and their experience.

For more information or to schedule a consultation, please call us at (607) 798-0789 or contact us online.

Dr. Ronald S. Sambursky was recently interviewed about Prosthodontics Awareness. Prosthodontics involves a variety of ways to replace missing teeth. Decades ago, this was primarily accomplished through dentures. But the profession has evolved to include crowns, bridges, veneers and now a greater focus on dental implants. Read more...



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